Security and Safety

Harrods Security

Security Investigations & Uniforms

Comprising of Uniformed Security Officers, Store Detectives, Investigators, CCTV Operators and our iconic Green Men, this team closely monitor store activity for theft and damage risks. Our SIA licensed uniformed security officers deal with physical security, patrols, asset protection, first aid response and emergency situations, whilst our eagle eyed store detectives scour the store for crime. Monitoring all CCTV footage, our CCTV team detect and prevent threats, from tracking down missing merchandise to investigating customer complaints.

Safe Deposit

A firm part of the Harrods heritage, the Safety Deposits date back to 1896 and are located under the store. Protecting our customers valuable possessions, this team also offers a warm and inviting service, whilst remaining discreet and confidential at all times.

Fire Health & Safety

Our Fire Health & Safety team actively promote a positive fire, health and safety culture within all Harrods properties. Armed with expert knowledge of Health & Safety regulations, this team ensure the safety of employees and customers, remaining authoritative, calm and responsible in high pressured situations.

Food Safety

This team is responsible for maintaining Harrods‚ immaculate food standards, investigating all food-related incidents to deduce the cause and prevent future issues. From maintaining date coding equipment, checking Harrods‚ chemical standards within food areas and undertaking microbiological sampling, this team play a crucial part in keeping our employees and customers safe.

Corporate Health

At Harrods, we are committed to the welfare and wellbeing of our employees. Our Corporate Health team includes a company doctor and nurse, as well as a work health management team that promote good health and safe working across the business, from coordinating sport activities to advising on long term sickness absence.


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Security and Safety

Posted on February 3, 2016

Safe Deposit Custodian

Location: Knightsbridge London

Security and Safety

Posted on March 4, 2016


Location: Knightsbridge London