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60 Seconds with Chloe

Chloe is PA to our HR & Retail Director and she tells us what it is like to carry out her role.

One thing to love about your job:

It’s definitely the fact that no two days are same. The variety of things that I do and get involved with is just so vast.

Describe your Manager in one word:


Favourite part of the store?

I don’t think you can have just one favourite. It’s amazing how quickly an hour passes in Shoe Heaven.. or how many yummy treats you come back with when you’ve popped to the Food Halls for a salad at lunchtime… oops! 

How do you add value to Harrods from your job?

A PA role is quite different from most roles at Harrods. I add value directly to my manager (Sarah Andrews, HR & Retail Director), by allowing her to get involved in certain things which impact the business whilst I take care of the day to day running of her role and her office.

Favourite moment since you’ve joined:

I’ve seen a fair few interesting things, events and people in the 8 years I’ve worked here but probably my favourite moment personally, was the day I bought my first pair of designer shoes. A pair of Jimmy Choos… I didn’t stop wearing them until I literally wore them out! Even though they are non-wearable now, they still have prized place in my shoe cupboard. 

What is the best thing about being part of the Harrods Team?

That has to be the people I work with. There are some amazing people who work here.


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