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In Safe Hands; Meet Kuljinder

Describe a typical day in the role?

As a Security manager I have the overall responsibility of creating a stable and safe working environment where employees; customers; visitors and contractors are protected from the risk of injury, and also ensure that Harrods is protected from the ever-present threat of terrorism and other lesser unwanted behaviour alike.

What skills do you need to excel as a Security Manager?

You really have to have your ‘finger on the pulse’ as no two days are ever the same. You almost have to have a sixth sense and learn to trust this feeling to ensure everyone is safe and protected. As a manager, I am only good at delivering the expectations of the staff and the company if I have a strong team to assist me in achieving this goal. This is a huge responsibility which can only be fulfilled with the utmost professionalism and devotion by everyone from the team. Therefore, a big part of my role is to lead from the front. To motivate; develop my team through one to one’s, coaching and mentoring discussions.

I also recruit Security officers as part of my role. The opportunity to recruit talented individuals is something that I relish. For me, Security is not only charged with the responsibility that I mentioned earlier, but they are also considered as ambassadors for the business as they are the first and last person that a customer sees when they visit our store.

What do you love about working within the Uniformed Security team?

The comradery – the sense of feeling like a second family when you come to work. Knowing that I can rely on my colleagues when times are difficult. Knowing that I have the full support from other managers if I’m unsure of anything. All of these make me look forward to coming into work and there’s nothing like the feeling of a hard day’s graft after an eventful shift in a place that is ever evolving and special. I absolutely love telling everyone where I work. As a security manager at Harrods I feel as though I am at the top of my profession after all I work for Harrods (Now where’s that smiling emoji?)


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