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Juggling motherhood and leadership - interview with Fran, Head of Business Solutions, IT

Fran Pillar, Head of Business Solutions in IT shares with us how she manages a work-life balance which allows her to enjoy the joys of motherhood to her two children – Lottie aged 6, and Harriet aged 4 and to be fully committed to heading up her team in IT.

What is your role and how does it impact the business?

My team works closely with our business stakeholders to understand their strategy and objectives, to ensure that we understand their requirements and identify the right technology solutions to underpin these objectives.

What made you decide to join a business like Harrods?

Harrods is an amazing, and thriving luxury brand, and I wanted to experience working here. Additionally, the role I was offered was a great next step for my career 

How do you manage to keep a good work-life balance and enjoy the joys of Motherhood?

We have an amazing nanny who looks after the day to day routine for the girls, and shared calendars and WhatsApp allow me to keep on top of things with her. I try to be disciplined with my time at home so that when I am at home my focus is on the girls, and I leave work behind at work. That doesn’t always happen but I try to minimise it.  It is also really important to find time for me as well to allow me to relax and recharge as being the mum for 2 small girls can be as hectic as work some days 

How has the company supported you in reaching that balance? 

Harrods is very supportive and allows me some flexible with my time when I need it.

What advice do you have for those on a similar journey?

Get a good network around you, so you don’t have to do it all. Don’t compromise on childcare – everyone needs to be happy with the arrangements. Be flexible, and ask for help.  Make sure important dates/times are known by everyone and be clear upfront as to time and availability.

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