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Mechanical Project Manager Ted talks Grand Entrance 5 and Shoe Heaven

Tell us a little about your journey and what has motivated you to stay with Harrods?

I started working at Harrods as a pipe-fitter and soon was promoted to plumbing supervisor, where I was accountable for looking after most of the pipework systems in the building. Now I'm responsible for all mechanical works in our technical service departments.

"I consider myself very lucky to be surrounded by so many good friends and colleagues."

Part of the reason I have been here so long is that I enjoy the kind of work I'm involved in and the exciting projects that have been completed. I've worked on some really interesting projects such as the Shoe Heaven department and the re-model of Grand Entrance 5, and it really has turned out to be completely different to what I expected. For example I didn't realise Harrods generates its on electricity and has its own water wells, or even how complex and different the building is - which in itself is always a challenge I relish.

But what I really love about Harrods is the people who work here.


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