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Meet Aaron - Lead Stock Controller in Personal Shopping

Aaron, Stock Controller within our Personal Shopping Department talks to us about how his team contributes to delivering an exceptional experience to our customers...

What’s your role and how do you contribute to the business?

I’m the Lead Stock Controller within the Personal Shopping department. My main contribution to the business is to help with the smooth running of stock between Personal Shopping and the Shop floor. This consists of stock from every department within Harrods, scaling from the lower ground floor up to the 6th floor.

What are the most challenging aspects of your role?

The most challenging part of the role is keeping to the deadline of our stock turnover. Due to client demand, we tend to keep stock past the deadline but only if this is a definite sale, as we ideally want to maximise sales for business both in Personal Shopping and on the shop floor. 

Use 3 words to describe what you need to be successful in your job?

  1. Organized 
  2. Flexible 
  3. Hardworking

Why would anyone want to work in your team?

Being part of the Operations team within Personal Shopping is a very exciting place to work. The team is very friendly and supportive, whether you are part of the Operations team or the Sales team. Working in my team will give you the opportunity to express your ideas on how to improve the business and implement those ideas to help support the smooth running of stock flow.

What has been your best moment since joining Harrods?

Being recognised for the hard work we do and the passion we put into our work - Winning a "Harrods Award For Excellence" as a team (our annual recognition celebration) was one of my best moments.

Why Harrods?

Because it's a unique department store and it is an honour to work for such a prestigious brand. Not only are the employee benefits amazing, but you also get to work with a team that thrives for greatness and for delivering an exceptional customer experience.

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