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Meet Alice - Internal Communications Intern

Alice came to intern for our Internal Communications Team and tells us all about her experience.

Tell us a bit about yourself

My Name is Alice, I’m 20 and have just finished my first year at the University of Bristol studying History. I wasn’t really sure what kind of job I was interested in after I graduated, which is why I felt that I should focus on things I enjoyed and my strengths such as writing, research and communication. History doesn’t directly lead on to the type of job I was interested in, but I am very passionate about the subject and thought it’d be a strong foundation to launch my career from.

What made you apply for an internship?

I had a part time job in my first year at Uni, in a chain of Jigsaw so knew that I enjoyed retail and it was an area I could go into. I was browsing careers pages of department stores in London to get ideas about what I might like to do in terms of graduate opportunities and internships and I found the Harrods careers page and the Internal Communications Internship and knew I had to go for it.

How did you apply for the internship?

I applied with my CV and cover letter. Then I did a video interview which had pre-recorded questions and then after that I was offered an interview in person with the internal communications managers.

"Be passionate in your interview and really let your personality shine through because they want someone who can hopefully fit into the team and enjoy their time there."

I would also say that its worth doing your research about the store, just facts about it or any of its latest new to show you’re interested. If you have time even put together some ideas about what you would do if you already worked there e.g what you would include in the employee newsletter, what you would include and why, because it shows you’ve put real thought into your interview and what they expect from you.

Day in the Life of Internal Communications intern

Typically I start my day by reading over emails. I was given responsibility to look after features such as movers and shakers and Exceptional service stars. The internal communication team will also send me any tasks they think I can work on over the period of the day including writing up and posting Omnia and Omniapp stories.

Over the 3 month period of my internship I posted 97 Omnia stories, so I’ve been given the opportunity to write up daily store updates, anything from fashion collaborations to CHS exercise classes available to employees. These articles are read all over the business so it’s quite a lot of responsibility and over the internship I’ve seen a considerable improvement in my writing skills though the internal comms team have always been there to check over my work and make sure it’s up to scratch.

Whilst being at Harrods I was given the exciting opportunity to work on the new Harrods employee magazine which is launching this winter. I was given three pieces to work on over the course of my internship and they will all be included in the final magazine. This showed me what kind of work goes into a project from its start to its finish. One of my articles involved finding information about Christmas venues so I had to get in contact with them and explain my brief and what I needed from them. Another one of articles required interviews and quotes from employees in the store, so often I could be found walking round the store convincing people to be included in the feature with their comments.

"It really increased my confidence talking to new people as I was doing it so much and I feel real sense of pride having seen it all come together at the end."

Some days I would attend meetings with the internal comms team discussing a plan of action for the launch of a new communications platform or something important that needed to use multiple communication channels. Because of this I was lucky enough to meet and network with some of the most influential and respected people within the business, even presenting my magazine articles that I put together and being able to contribute to discussion without feeling out of place.

As part of the internal events element of my internship I was able to go along to meeting with venues who would be hosting future employee events, which was a really fascinating and again taught me about the amount of preparation that goes into organising such large scale employee gatherings.

Other than all these exciting opportunities and responsibilities I was given where I really felt like I contributed to the team ( I wasn’t a coffee slave) I also got to experience working in a 9-5 job in London, working towards deadlines and working within a team- all of which I’ve never experienced before on this scale or influence. I would definitely recommend other undergraduates and students to apply for this or similar internships as I think they really make the most of you and give you a chance to prove your worth to the business.

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