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Meet Clementine - High Value Transactions Associate

Describe a typical day in your new role

My typical day includes answering calls from the shop floor regarding High Value Cash Transactions and support the Transaction Services team with their daily tasks. The department deals with fraud and money laundering prevention, shop floor training and till procedures so we have to multitask a lot. On average we have over 250 calls a day. So I would say majority of my time is spent solving problems.

What is your favourite thing about Harrods?

Probably the cheese counters. More seriously, I really appreciate working in such a multicultural environment. With my involvement in training I get to meet new people every day and I think that diversity is one of Harrods’ greatest strengths.

"I think that diversity is one of Harrods’ greatest strengths."

What steps have you taken recently to grow?

I have spent two years working as a transaction services associate and progressively gained experience and responsibilities in the department. The HVT role was a natural step to take in my progression in Harrods.

Who is your role model?

I would say that my role model is my grandad. He would remain faithful to his convictions even in difficult times. I find it quite inspiring especially at work, where our decisions may have consequences on other people.

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