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Meet Damien- School Leaver Programme Delegate

Damien is a currently on our School Leaver Programme, Harrods Retail Academy and he tells us more about his experience.

How would you summarise your experience so far?

I have learned so much already, especially the behind the scenes running of the business. It has given me such a wide insight in to how a business works and how they survive with various external changing factors.

Why would you recommend doing the Retail Academy?

If you want a course that gets you into the world of work whilst exposing you to lots of different departments and areas of the business, then you need not look any further than the Harrods Retail academy. I am loving my time here and I cant believe it has been three months already. You learn so much and meet so many different and important people that you struggle to take it all in sometimes!

Why did you choose to do Retail Academy instead of attending University?

I knew that University wasn't for me as I am more of a practical learner and not a theoretical one, and the thought of three more years studying and exams didn't interest me. I knew I needed on the job training, as I know that is the best way I learn and develop.

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