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Meet Elena- Chef de Partie

We caught up with Elena who is a Chef de Partie in the Pastry Kitchens

What’s your role and how do you contribute to the business?

I work as a Chef de Partie in the Pastry kitchen. We produce pastries and cakes for the pastry counter in our new Bakery and Roastery foodhall, Harrods Roast and Bake, we send dessert to different outlets and we take care of the afternoon tea pastries for the Georgian restaurant.

What are the most challenging aspects of your role?

Nearly everyday we have to deal with smaller or sometimes bigger issues, which needs to be sorted or fixed immediately like for example missing ingredients. This can be challenging!
More challenging is to divide the everyday jobs in the team, so that everyone works productively and efficiently, but also to give everyone (including me as well) the time to improve their skills and to learn new things.

"If you like what you do then that is what will make you happy."

Use 3 words to describe what you need to be successful in your job 

'Passionate' is the first and probably most important word I would choose. I think in every profession it is the key to being successful.

'Driven' It's linked to my first word, but I think that it describes more that you have to be motivated to practise, improve your skills and to keep on trying out new things, even if you fail sometimes.

Thirdly I would choose 'Team Player'. I can speak from experience that great team spirit and amazing people around you effect your motivation and your success.

Why would anyone want to work in your team?

I think if someone wants to work within a young, ambitious and motivated team, which really likes what they are doing, should pop in. There is always something going on: tastings, development or functions and it's great to see some of the creative outcomes when our team works together.

What has been your best moment since joining Harrods?

I would have to point out two best moments!

Firstly, last year I was working with the team of Tom Kitchin, who was running a pop up restaurant in the Georgian for a week. It was a brilliant opportunity to work with these great skilled chefs and a wonderful, tasty menu. I learned a lot and just enjoyed to be part of it.

Secondly, last year I was sent with two of my collegues to Dubai to produce 3000 mini-pastries for a wedding. To be part of such a big project and to represent Harrods was a great experience. It was challenging to work in a different location and under new conditions, but the result made everyone happy and proud.

Why Harrods?

When I was offered a fulltime position in Harrods during my internship I felt flattered because I didn't feel skilled enough to be part of such a great team.

But everyone was so friendly and supportive, especially my managers, who always gave and still give me opportunities to grow and to get better, which keeps me motivated. I never worked in such a good atmosphere before, so I am very happy to be part of team Harrods.

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