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Meet Elliss, Assistant Retail Services Manager

Elliss talks about growing within the business and changing roles from Safe Deposit Custodian to Assistant Retail Services Manager.

Describe a typical day in your current role

A typical day in my current role consists of greeting our guests,the store’s directors and ensuring that our newly refurbished waiting area is immaculate. I am responsible for arranging spaces for 50 bicycles & motorcycles belonging to staff, high performance cars and for VIPs, to be able to park whilst they browse the latest selections instore.

"I feel privileged to lead such a committed and talented team in our pursuit of excellence."

What do you enjoy most about your new role?

The most exciting part of my new role is I’m able to meet the store’s directors, the celebrities and our regular guest who use our service. The role is very fast paced at peak times and I feel privileged to lead such a committed and talented team in our pursuit of excellence.

What is the best career advice you have received?

Listen to all advice and feedback regardless of whether is positive or negative. Feedback allows you to constantly improve the service that you offer and lets you know what works well for guests and for your staff. Most importantly admit when you are wrong. Integrity and trust between myself, my team and my guests is vital.

What support did you receive whilst looking to change roles?

The support I have received has been overwhelming. From my team in Safe Deposit pushing me forward and helping me with my application for my new role; the managers from retail services for recommending me for the Harrods Management Programme; or my staff in the car park showing me the ropes. The learning and development department have also been very helpful and are always there for extra support.

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