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Meet Gillian - Benefits, Recognition & Engagement Impact Manager

Describe a typical day in your role

There isn’t one! Every day is different and as the role is new, at the moment I am still very much planning what benefits and recognition will look like going forward.

"There are lots of exciting things on the horizon that I hope will make our benefits even better."

What is your favourite aspect of your role?

I looked after employee benefits a few years ago and I really missed the interaction with the wider business especially around the recognition events like Harrods Award for Excellence so it will be great to be able to take this on again but at a more strategic level.

What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

Having been here for fifteen years the biggest challenge has being staying motivated at times but I have been really lucky and whenever I have started to lose my motivation a new opportunity has come along so I have worked in a variety of roles. Leaving my last role was also hard as I loved my team and I miss working with them but it was definitely the right move to make.

Describe a moment that made you feel proud to work at Harrods

There have been quite a few but winning the last Harrods Award for Excellence as part of the Careers Week team was definitely a recent highlight. I think we often forget that we work to such high standards so it’s lovely to be recognised for it.

We are proud to have been awarded