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Meet Hamza - Stylist

From Sales Associate in Men’s International to Stylist, Hamza tells us why he loves his role.

What steps did you take to gain your promotion to a stylist?

Being a Brand Manager for large brands in Mens International Gallery, I had to work very hard to gain clients, (some being celebrity clients) by using my experience, language skills and demonstrating that I have a passion for my work. I also ensured I hit my personal target every year and clientelled at all times and did my best to retain them.

"work hard and be exceptional in the work that you do"

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The things I enjoy most are that my clients trust me and enjoy their shopping experience with me. When I advise them on style, look and fashion they take my comments on board and that gives me job satisfaction. I also enjoy cross-selling and building excellent relationships with everyone in Harrods.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to be a stylist?

I would say, be a role model that people look up to, work hard and be exceptional in the work that you do. And most of all, you must present yourself well to look like a stylist!

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