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Meet Iris - Buying Assistant for our Food Halls

Iris changed roles from Sales associate in Designer collections to buying assistant for Food Halls. And talks about her journey.

What persuaded you to change roles within Harrods?

Having moved to London just about a year ago, I was still unsure about what I wanted to do job wise. Applying for Harrods as sales associate just felt right at that time, but I was still looking for my ‘passion’. Then, whenever I found out there was a “buying team” within the company I just felt I had to work there. The job description sounded like everything I wanted to do and I just really felt a position in that area would fit my profile perfectly. That’s when I decided to apply and I’m so happy I did!

"So far the best part of my role has been the delicious food I got to taste and the team."

Describe a Typical day in your new role?

I’m still adjusting to the area and everything feels really new… For most of last week I attended training, but what a day looks like for me now is to basically check and reply emails, generate reports so the buyers know what sales are looking like, look for new suppliers and ask for samples to be sent it. There is a lot of admin stuff to do regarding the articles we sell in the business and I’m still learning my way around that.

What is the best career advice you have received?

Always ask for feedback. This is how you learn and grow.

What support did you receive whilst looking to change roles?

My line manager Nadja was the one who actually told me about this position and encouraged me to apply. My new manager Heather was really great throughout the whole process as well, and keeps being great supporting me in this new role every day.

And Sam, the manager for Designer Collections where I used to work arranged for me to spend a day shadowing our buyers, which was great in terms of reassuring me this is what I wanted to do.

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