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Meet Jolita- Waitress in the Mezzah Lounge

Jolita is a Waitress in the Mezzah Lounge and she tells us what it is like to carry out her role

What’s your role and how do you contribute to the business?

I was hired as a waitress, and in short my role is to support my management team in providing an exceptional service to our guests every day. As an analogy, working in the Mezzah Lounge restaurant is like being part of a football team. Any teammate can deputise in any position as long as it is done for the benefit of the entire team, with each team member supporting each other collaboratively towards the overall business goal. After I completed various departmental trainings provided, now depending of the need of the day, the management team will offer and I will decide whether I would like to be scheduled to:

Work as a Receptionist whereby I would be the first point of contact with our guests. Welcoming them in our restaurant, ascertaining through conversations what kind of dining experience they are looking for on the day.

Work as a Bartender where I would set up the bar area before we open the door to our guests. From there, I will spend the day making various hot and cold beverages according to the guests specifications.

Or, work as a Waitress where I would be in charge of a station. My tasks will therefore be to connect with my guests. Find out what they want and communicate with my colleagues from the bar to the kitchens and provide the guests with the service of food, beverage and occasional chats depending on what kind of experience they would want to have on the day.

The style of service I will deliver can be so different from day to day and from person to person as our guests’ expectations change depending on whether they are regulars or not, dining alone or with their family and friends, and also whether they would be requiring a formal or informal service.

What are the most challenging aspects of your role?

The most challenging aspect of my role or roles could be when the trade peaks unexpectedly due to external factors and my role could become the combination of two or three mentioned before; Receptionist, Bartender and Waitress. This at the same time is quite rewarding as it gives me the opportunity to feel knowledgeable and empowered.

Why would anyone want to work in your team?

I see many reasons why someone would like to work in the Mezzah Lounge restaurant.
If the person is new to the restaurant business, we are supportive of each other and there is a programme in place that enables anyone to upskill themselves as a receptionist, as a server or as a bar person
If the person is experienced, there are opportunities for being involved in supporting with the training of new employees. This is something I was never involved with in my past career and currently I take great pride and pleasure in mentoring fellow colleagues.
The existing team spirit. I made great friends within my team that now go beyond the workplace.

Use 3 words to describe what you need to be successful in your job?

1. Flexibility, understanding that all guests are different, and the same guest may want a totally different level of service during different visits. Adapting the service accordingly and being mindful of all culture differences.

2. Speed, as we have to be respectful of guests’ time and provide prompt and efficient service, and also understand that there are lots to be done throughout a day.

3. Friendliness, towards colleagues and towards guests. This is paramount to be successful in my job.

What has been your best moment since joining Harrods?

 My first year in Harrods was educational in terms of working in a restaurant within a large corporate. The experience was quite different from previous standalone restaurants experiences. I have completed the Learning & Development Secondment where I supported the L&D team in the delivery of the Harrods Induction and I gained a great deal of knowledge that I was able to share with colleagues. I am currently completing the Resourcing Secondment, learning everything there is to learn on Recruitment activities, which enables me to better understand the journey of new employees and, that has given my management team a confidence in me to support new employees. All of this has paid off as I was formally recognised by the Restaurants General Manager twice and I was the winner of the Knightsbridge Club for the second quarter of this year. All the above had a massive impact on me personally and professionally. I would like to highlight that delivering a presentation to hundred plus people in front of Harrods directors is an experience that I am grateful for and I will cherish forever.

"Joining Harrods has provided me with experience and opportunities way beyond my dreams."

Why Harrods?

The restaurants business is a tough one to work in, however, working in Harrods restaurants makes it rewarding. In Harrods restaurants, when anyone looks beyond the decent working hours, the pay package, the employees discounts and benefits, they can see the learning and development offerings, the opportunities to move their career anywhere they desire and can also embrace all the efforts and opportunities the company works on putting in place. I have seen multiple colleagues growing up to Supervisory and Management positions within last year alone and opportunities are always there for anyone wanting and deserving it. After attending the company forum; titled ‘Redefining Luxury’ which is our company strategy for the next 4 years, our directors spoke about future investment on infrastructure, resources and employees. Being part of a history happening now should be a great incentive for anyone to join Harrods, stay and grow.


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