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Meet Kaja - IT Business Analyst

What’s your role and how does it fit in the big picture of Harrods?

I am Business Analyst in IT. My role is to help the Business to understand their needs related to IT Technology and feedback this to more technical Teams. We are also trying to ensure that needs are aligned with Business Case and requirements are delivered in the right way at the end of the project.

What’s so exciting about working where you do now?

For me the most exciting are variety of the projects and people I am working with.  I was always excited about working with people and this role definitely enables it.

"Every day is different and it’s never boring."

What do you love about working at Harrods?

Harrods is an amazing place to work in with a long history. But definitely people and my Team are making this place special for me.

Why should anyone want to join your team?

Business Analysts Team is growing very quickly at the moment and it’s definitely the right place for everyone who is looking for development opportunities, variety and a little bit of challenge every day.

What’s exciting about the next year?

We work on lots of different projects at the moment so definitely it will be exciting to see them live next year!

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