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Meet Mohsen - Sales Associate for Rolex Watches

Mohsen talks about his journey from Supervisor in the Ice Cream Parlour to Sales Associate for Rolex Watches.

What advice would you give to someone looking to move departments?

My advice is to follow your heart and STOP doing things which make you unhappy. Our jobs are taking a big portion of our daily lives. Being satisfied with what you do at work motivates you to excel in your career and contribute more to the business.

What attracted you to move to this department?

After working nearly nine years in a catering environment, I had a feeling that I needed a bigger challenge in terms of progress in my life. The fact that I used to work in retail before made me think to change and when the opportunity arose in Fine watches department, I had some research and I decided to try myself in this field again.

"Harrods has a lot to offer for everybody with any different desire."

What is your favourite thing about Harrods

My favourite thing about Harrods is to be a part of a180 years old luxury shop operation! The unique experience which you will never earn anywhere else in the world. Harrods has a lot to offer for everybody with any different desire.

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