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Meet Prabhat - PMO Analyst

What’s your role and how does it fit in the big picture of Harrods?

As a PMO analyst I am responsible for ensuring that the portfolio of IT projects being delivered in Harrods are being managed well. My role is to ensure that the health of the Portfolio is accurately reported to the IT leadership team and also ensuring that new projects are set up for success.

What’s so exciting about working where you do now?

We get to see all the new projects that are being initiated before the wider business gets visibility of this. We also have the influence to shape the technology roadmap to ensure that IT is always a strategic advantage to Harrods.

What do you love about working at Harrods?

"The Harrods brand appeal is something that makes me very proud."

To be part of a business that has made history and is one store that every shopper from around the world wants to buy from is an amazing feeling!

Why should anyone want to join your team?

The team is a warm and welcoming environment to work in and develop oneself. Every team member is open to new ideas and there is a lot of respect for each other which is key part of the work culture here at Harrods.

What’s exciting about the next year?

In the next year, there is more investment in IT than there has been before which provides more opportunities to work on game-changing projects. We also have to reap the benefits of the website refresh programme that was recently completed. The next year is going to be about bringing more of the instore luxury shopping experience online.

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