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Meet Saugat - Management Accountant

Describe a typical day in your new role?

It’s hard to describe a "typical" day at work as there is always something new going on. I could be working on reconciliations for a week but then the week after, I could be working on other ad hoc requests.

"There is flexibility and variation in what I would do daily, which I love."

What is your favourite thing about Harrods?

My favourite thing about Harrods has to be what Harrods has to offer to the people who work here. i.e. range of benefits, development opportunities, events etc. All of these really contribute to the positive working environment and help motivate us.

What support did you receive while looking to move to a different role?

I have had tremendous support from my previous manager and senior manager as they have guided me through my Harrods Career and provided me with development opportunities to prepare me for where I am today. Their trust gives me a lot of confidence and motivation to work even harder. On top of this, my new team have been really helpful in guiding me towards my new work which has eased the transition into the new role.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Well, I would have finished my CIMA course and be a qualified accountant. I would also like to have taken bigger responsibilities and built up a wider range of knowledge of not just Finance, but the business as a whole.

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