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Meet Skirmante- Transaction Assistant

We catch up with Skirmante who is our Transaction Assistant to find out more about her role.

1. What’s your role and how do you contribute to the business?

I am a Transaction Assistant in Harrods Personal Shopping department ‘By Appointment’. I assist personal shoppers with their transactions and make sure I sell right items at the correct price to ensure that our elite clients receive the best customer service when being charged.

2. What are the most challenging aspects of your role?

Making sure that the customer is charged the right items at the right price, that the dispatched items have the correct address, that the stock doesn’t get lost, etc. Everything that has to do with transactions is quite challenging, especially when you’re preparing a very big bill. Since you have to be efficient and be careful not to make any mistakes to make sure the client is happy.

3. Use 3 words to describe what you need to be successful in your job?

You need to be hardworking, efficient and a good team player.

4. Why would anyone want to work in your team?

Of course, the people in our team are great. But you also get to learn so many different things while working in our team. Since we help each other, we have to be able to do a few different roles.

6. Why Harrods?

Because it is one of a kind and it is an honour to work here. Not only are the employee benefits great, but you also get to work in such an amazing department store that is home to so many different brands. Also, the fact that my colleagues and customers are from all over the world makes it a very interesting place to work at.

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