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Meet Theo- Restaurant Manager in the Mezzah Lounge

Theo is a Restaurant Manager for the Mezzah Lounge and tells us what it is like to work in his department.

 What’s your role and how do you contribute to the business?

I am a Restaurant Manager and, currently in charge of the Mezzah Lounge. Saying that, the business expectations of me go beyond my dedicated outlet. We have empowering, dynamic and collaborative ways of working within our 27 restaurants. This means that I am required to contribute in supporting our wider business strategy, which is to ensure consistency on the delivery of the 4 focus points of our Retail Ambition – Driving Sales, Service, Standards and Operations, through smart people management. This is quite empowering and motivating.

Within my role, I have been trusted with a simple recipe to make this happen: Equipping and empowering my team, in order for them to look after our guests.

Use 3 words to describe what you need to be successful in your job?

Sorry, I will give you 4 words as the third choice work best in pair:

"Leadership, Foodie and Emotional Intelligence."

Why would anyone want to work in your team?

We are dynamic and very supportive of each other within the Mezzah Lounge team. Good communication is key for us and we use modern tools to cascade information and motivate each other. This has driven a 86% engagement result during the employee satisfaction survey conducted last year.

We encourage each team member’s input and we make it very clear that everyone has a voice in the Mezzah Lounge and everyones ideas and views will always be explored.

We all believe in promoting a progressive career management and this has enabled us in the last year to support one Supervisor to become a Restaurant Manager and one hostess to become a Supervisor.

Finally, it is simply fun and rewarding to work at the Mezzah Lounge. Every days is simply different, we are living a movie where everyone is a Director and an Actor. No wonder the staff call the restaurant Movie Lounge instead of Mezzah Lounge.

Why Harrods?

Because of the relentless drive the company put in place to hire the best talents in the London scene. Each individual is provided with a seamless on-boarding experience, an extensive learning offering from the Learning Development Team, different rewards for high performers and the cherry on the cake; employee benefits with its own dedicated website.

I for one joined the company as a waiter and made my way up to the level of Restaurant Manager through different training provided and supports given. I have recently attended multiple Harrods Careers Week activities and also enrolled on a new personal development programme with the L&D. I know that my next role is within grasp.

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