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Meet Zahra - Assistant Manager at Heathrow Airports

Describe a typical day in the role?

A typical day in the role of an Assistant Manager would consist of fairly early mornings which can consist of an 8-10 hour work days. I am responsible for maintaining a store environment that is pleasant for our customers and staff. On a daily basis I manage cash, handle schedules and secure the store upon closing. I also deal with unexpected challenges such as equipment failures and staff shortages which makes the role more exciting as every day is different.

What skills do you need to excel as an Assistant Manager?

"I love that Harrods has opened my doors to new and exciting opportunities."

The skills I believe you need to excel in the role of an Assistant Manager are leadership skills, likability and strong attention to detail. As every day can bring its own challenges you will be expected to be able to multitask and effectively take direction from an immediate manager. In rare cases if need be you will also need the capability to make instant decisions based on each individual unique circumstance.

What is the most challenging aspect?

The most challenging aspect of my job is always trying to learn something new. If you never do anything new or different- you’re not developing hence why I always set myself new jobs and challenging assignments to help myself develop and become a better manager.

What do you love about Harrods?

Within 5 years of being with the company I have gone from being a Brand Manager in Knightsbridge to successfully completing the HMP and been given the opportunity to become a Supervisor to then be promoted to an Assistant Manager in Harrods International. I do believe that Harrods has many more doors waiting for me to open.




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