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Nana's Journey - From Distribution Graduate to Direct Fulfilment Manager

How did the Graduate Scheme benefit your career within Harrods?

The Graduate Scheme has tremendously benefitted my career within the business because it not only prepared me to gain a thorough understanding of all key aspects of managerial duties but also challenged me to step out of my comfort zone to take part in projects I would not normally be exposed to.

"The Learning & Development training courses are by far one of the benefits I love about working at Harrods"

What skills do you need to excel on the scheme?

Every individual is different with diverse skill sets and aspirations. Nonetheless, you need to have certain characteristics to excel within the scheme, such as adaptability. As a distribution graduate, I spent six months on the shop floor, managing the stock, sales, business KPI’s, then a further six months rotating within the Harrods Distribution network, whilst following through my individual projects. So being adaptable to new environments, products, teams, systems and procedures was absolutely vital to excel on the scheme.

What was your highlight of the scheme?

In fact, I have many highlights but my top two would be the Distribution Management Team building event in Newbury RDA, where we spent the day painting, decorating, and cleaning areas of the riding school for disabled children. And the second will be when I finally had my team after completing the rotation placements. It was a new experience every day and working within the General Merchandise Administration meant a lot to me, being able to give back to the community.

What do you love about working at Harrods?

During my rotation, I have met so many talented and dedicated people across various divisions. Again, I was fortunate to have a mentor during the scheme, and other people who took time in their busy schedule to support and guide me whenever I reached out to them. All these things help to motivate you along the way.

What has your career progression been since finishing the Distribution Graduate Scheme?

My progression since finishing the Scheme has been a rewarding journey full of personal growth and overcoming business and operational challenges with my team. Prior to moving into my current role as Direct Fulfilment Manager, I worked in various rotational placements as part of the Graduate Scheme, which challenged me and prepared me for my role now. 

The first department I worked in was the Harrods shop which was a great eye-opener, especially for a Distribution Graduate, and involved managing the flow of stock - receiving, checking off handling units and displaying the items on the shop floor before the store opened, and also selling products. The most challenging part of this placement was the frequent visual merchandise moves. As the Harrods shop has a very high footfall, the team have to constantly manage and adapt to all aspects of visual merchandise within the department, and then remember where the stock is displayed.

I then moved to Menswear, Shirts and Ties, which helped me to fully understand the contrast between selling a £5.95 key ring in comparison to a £500 tie. We received less frequent replenishment stock, but the way the stock was handled and checked was completely different, and selling these items took longer due to link and cross-selling across various areas. 

I also completed a 4 month secondment within one of the IT project teams, managing end to end testing, with the aim of fully testing all approved scenarios to enhance the customer experience on our new website platform. 

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