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A few months in, first impressions

Having started his newly created role a few months ago we caught up with Mark Blundell, Head of Retail Project Delivery, to find out a little bit about him and his role.
What are your first impressions?
We are an incredible retailer, but the challenges we face aren’t unique. All retailers are looking to deliver the most outstanding customer experience with every interaction! Consistency is king and finding the best ways to achieve this through teams of exceptional retail professionals is what all retailers are seeking to achieve. The difference at Harrods is that this is the minimum expectation.... we are always striving for greater! It is this challenge and passion for the ‘exceptional’ that excites me most. We are brought together by one clear purpose – delivering ‘The Art of the Possible.’ Our people are very welcoming and open to new ideas, we are a family.
What does the Head of Retail Project Delivery involve?
My role is to manage the transformational retail projects. Everything my team works on has the ultimate purpose of supporting our Retail teams to elevate the Harrods’ customer sales and service experience to a level unrivalled in the market. No pressure! This year we have 3 pieces of transformational work that have a real focus on our retail people; enhancing the 90-day journey for our new retail recruits, understanding and developing our recognition schemes, approaches. And finally, focusing and energising our key retail leaders' roles to drive sales and service performance through our sales and service teams.
3 skills you need for your role:
- Clarity of vision, remove the shades of grey.
- Tenacity, because nothing always goes the way you have planned for it to!
- Incredibly high standards, after all we are Harrods.
Favourite career memory to date
While working in John Lewis, I did something that had never been done before there: I became the first person from Waitrose to join our sister business and run a John Lewis store, opening one in Chester. It’s a very proud moment in my career – and what’s funny is my brother in law now runs this shop which makes me even prouder.
Favourite memory at Harrods
I had the pleasure of taking my parents to afternoon tea in the Harrods Tea Room. They came down from Liverpool for the day ‘to see what all the fuss is about’! They were very impressed and incredibly proud of me!

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