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A fresh new perspective

We caught up with our Buying expert, André Lewis to find out a little bit about launching the Fresh Food Halls and the things he loves outside of his role.
A little bit about the launch of our Fresh Food Halls:
My role was to lead the fresh buying team to relaunch the Fresh Hall. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing people to turn inspiration into practical changes.
If a food is not in season here in Britain, we sourced it from where it grows best. That’s why we spent a year travelling the globe and further afield to bring back the best produce for our customers and chefs. Whether it was Gariguette strawberries from France, tiny but bursting with flavour, or further afield to India for Alphonso mangoes – smaller and sweeter than the more common varieties.
Our products on the shelves are also what our Chefs use to cook with. We travelled with them to ensure we had the best of the best, to deliver a foodie experience to our customers, unparalleled in terms of passion and product quality.
A little bit about you:
Of course, I absolutely love food. Where there is food there is culture – there is always something to learn. Equally, I love music. In fact, I’ve been a singer-songwriter and have been in bands since I was 16.
A little bit about what’s next:
The next phase of The Taste Revolution continues, now it’s time to work on our Chocolate Hall. It’s going to be amazing. I don’t want to spoil the surprise too much, but expect to see more of our talented chocolatiers from our pastry kitchens.

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