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A very Harrods Christmas in Shanghai

I’m Jennifer, the Visual Merchandising Manager here at Harrods. Put simply, our team is responsible for making sure our store always looks its best. We have an incredible team who consistently come together to create new beautiful environments. 
One of my proudest and favourite memories at Harrods has to be last November when we took the spirit of a British Christmas to Shanghai; transforming a townhouse into a Harrods Christmas Wonderland.
At first, the process of decorating the townhouse proved to be challenging, as some components that are vital to a UK Christmas are not readily available in Shanghai. Our 15 real Christmas trees proved particularly difficult to source, not being a type of tree naturally grown in the region. But that didn’t the stop us, and the effort was totally worth it. We had a spectacular entrance hall lined with fairy-light-festooned trees – not to mention 105 individually crafted Christmas wreaths and numerous evergreen garlands. It took us five days to fully install and de-rig the installation.
It was lots of hard work and the results were completely worth it, as we successfully brought a slice of the Harrods Christmas to Shanghai. It was a proud moment for us all, we all came together to deliver magic.
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