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All about our Harrods Hampers

We speak with Davinia, our General Merchandise Manager to find out everything about the Harrods Hampers.

1. Tell us the process that goes into creating a Hamper?

In the beginning of January, just when you think our hamper team may be having some well-earned rest, we are already thinking about our hampers for the next Christmas! Our team of experts can’t wait to create the next range of hampers to be even more luxurious than the year before. By May, we have finalised our range of exquisite and unique products and in June we’re completing our Christmas photo shoot (keeping the chocolate baubles from melting is a challenge at that time of year!). As early as August we begin packing our hampers and then in September, our favourite part, we finally get to launch and reveal them to our fabulous customers!

2. What makes a Harrods Hamper so special?

Our hampers are made from traditional wicker and leather and fully lined with cotton – the epitome of timelessness and elegance. These are then filled with luxurious items hand-selected by our expert buyers, the majority of which are developed by our team and exclusive to Harrods. To top this off, we offer the option to our customers to personalise their hampers with a leather tag monogrammed in copper foil. The finished Harrods hamper is the epitome of luxury.

"Every aspect of a Harrods hamper is created with love, care and attention to detail."

3. What is the most popular item that goes into a Hamper?

Biscuits! We have the most beautiful range of biscuits to suit any taste. Whether you’re after a classic like All Butter to enjoy with an afternoon cup of tea, or something more indulgent from our chocolate coated range to pair with a glass of wine, biscuits are the perfect addition to our exquisite range of hampers.

4. Can you give us a fun fact about the Harrods Hampers?

Our Hampers are sought after worldwide and sent to over 45 countries, the three most popular are USA, Switzerland and France!

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