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Behind the scenes with Ally

 A little bit about your journey:
I began my journey five years ago as Online Production Manager for Truth be told, originally I wasn’t sure how long I’d stay, but here I am five years later as Head of Studio Production. It’s so exciting to see how much the business has evolved over the years. When I started, my own team was just me and two lovely production assistants, and there were days where only a handful of product was being shot. Fast forward to now and the Harrods studio team totals 55+ and is set to grow even further by the end of 2019.
A little bit about your role:
I head up all of the Studio-based teams for Harrods. Our focus has always been on getting our incredible array of products live on site as quickly as possible, maximising the opportunity for online sales. Up to 3,000 products a week can make their way through our studio, requiring input from each of our talented teams across production, styling, photography, image co-ordination and copywriting. Over the past couple of years we have naturally evolved to focus on elevating the experience of the Harrods customer online, through evolving photography and copy styles, focusing on small and continuous improvements to deliver our goals, whilst simultaneously maintaining through-put. We’re also working more closely than ever with our brilliant colleagues across the wider Brand Experience Division to support other areas of the business with creative content wherever we can. 
A little bit about Harrods:
One of my favourite things about working for Harrods is that I have always felt incredibly supported by everyone I have had the opportunity to work with. I’ve always felt listened to and my aspirations for the studio have always been taken on board, even from the very beginning of my career here. I really like being part of a business that gives everyone a voice, and that seeks to drive constructive change from getting that feedback from a wide range of roles across the business.   
Favourite memory:
Within my first month, I was nominated for employee of the month for Even though it was 5 years ago – and I didn’t win – it’s still such a nice memory to have from so early on. 
A little bit about what is to come:
The next year looks so incredibly exciting for the business! There are some truly brilliant things in the pipeline, not least of which will be our brand-new global e-commerce platform. It’s going to be such a beautiful, content-rich site and I’m so looking forward to the world getting to see it. It’s really exciting to be working on a project that has been so carefully considered in terms of how best we can present our world-famous store in an increasingly digital world.
Final words?
Be yourself, listen openly to others, and take pride in how you do what you do; and the opportunities at Harrods are endless.

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