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Being nice is good for your soul

Enrico is the perfect example of delivering exceptional service. He will go the extra mile for every single customer with a big smile on his face. He has a consistently positive attitude and is always ready to also help his team, both on the shop floor and behind the scenes.  One great example of Enrico's customer service was when a young customer visited the toy department with his family. He was in a wheelchair, due to suffering from a condition that affects motor skills. 

Enrico, extraordinary as always, approached him and his family to personally show them the whole department. He encouraged him to play with the toys and introduced him to all his other colleagues as his “best friend.” The young boy was very excited by the experience, as were his family, who were not expecting such a treatment. 

However, Enrico did not stop there. Asking a colleague to entertain the child and his family for a few moments, he went away and returned to give him a Harrods name badge with the child’s name on it. Enrico also purchased, out of his own pocket, a Harrods Teddy Bear to give to him, the same one that he had played with and loved during his visit to the department. 

Enrico is always exceptional with customers, providing an experience that makes them feel special and unique. He is the perfect example of a Harrods Employee living our values. His energy has such an impact, spreading to customers and to the whole department.  We are certain the child and his family will remember their Harrods visit forever. 

Walter, Sales Associate, Toys

So, how did Enrico feel when Walter, his colleague and friend shared this story with our people at our business update?

I was surprised, I was proud. Helping people makes me feel happy. It’s not about selling the most expensive product, it’s about creating an experience for our customers that they will be able to treasure for life. Some people do their job because they have to, I do my job because I love too. Walter has been a colleague for a year and a friend for six years. Friendship is important to me and I am so proud my friend had the courage to share this story in front of hundreds of our people (even though he told he was really nervous).

We are proud to have been awarded