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Cooking up something new

Today we have unveiled our new Kitchen and Household department. We caught up with Andrew, our Sales Manager about how the team brought the new space to life. 

How long have you been part of the family? 
I’ve been at Harrods for two years and it is such an honour to be involved in such a big project. Being able to see it come to life has been fantastic and I can’t wait for our customers to see it. 

When did you kick-start the project?
We started working on the project around a year and a half ago; I remember our first meeting, we mapped out concepts and ideas about what we wanted the space to look like. We’ve come such a long way. It’s been like completing a giant jigsaw puzzle – every team has brought an invaluable piece to build the space.   

What has been your favourite part of working on the project?
My favourite part has to be the involvement of my team, and how excited they have been about building their new home and moving in. We’ve seen lots of areas of the store being transformed and have been eagerly waiting our turn. It was definitely worth the wait. 

Now we have this fabulous new space, what is to come?
It’s time to bring that experiential theatre to the space. Now we have a world class demo kitchen we can’t wait to start with world class demonstrations from our amazing chefs. 

Any final words?
A massive thank you to all of the teams who have been involved. It’s been such an amazing experience. We truly are #TogetherHarrods. 
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