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Don't worry, stay happy

Today is the International Day of Happiness and the theme is ‘Happier Together;’ focussing on what we have in common as individuals rather than what divides us.

It was only last month that all of us at Harrods celebrated the launch of our new employee values and employer brand proposition ‘Uniquely You Together Harrods’. Entwined perfectly within this simple message is just what today is all about; celebrating the connection we all share and celebrating the happiness it adds to our lives.

Our values are behind the smiles exchanged in the hallway, the holding of the door for another and wishes of ‘have a good day’ shared in the lift. This is what makes me happy and why I’m glad I work where I do. And when I’m not feeling my best, a simple smile from a colleague or genuine enquiry as to how I am can turn my mood around and get me back on track.

That’s why I am sharing how you can spread a little extra happiness today (with a little help from Positive Psychologist, Vanessa King).

  1. Turn your ‘Thank Yous’ up a notch – add the beneficial impact that their action had on you, and the positive quality that you appreciate in the person eg. ‘Thank you for taking that call for me it meant I could focus on what I was doing. I really appreciate your consideration.’
  2. Ask about the good stuff – fully engage when you respond to someone and try to build on what they say (‘active-constructive’ responding). Studies show that showing an active interest is the only way of responding helps to build a relationship. eg. 'I’ve just heard, I’m being promoted!’  you respond ‘That’s great! I’m so pleased for you. 'What’s the new role and what are you most looking forward to about it?’
  3. Smile - it really is contagious! Whether you’re walking past a stranger, friends or family. Remember to smile.
I hope you have a great day filled with happiness.  

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