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Dream it, do IT

I have worked at Harrods for a year and a half and it has flown by. It’s an exciting time in our department, we are changing our infrastructure to providing new ways of service - it’s the beginning of a new era.
My career journey is very unique. I grew up in the South of Brazil, famous for surfing and skating. I regularly completed in amateur skateboarding championships, it was lots of fun. When I moved to London, I started working as a Store Manager. We worked closely with a high-end retailer who was piloting a new mobile app. The app was great, and daily I would provide feedback on how it was performing, along with suggestions on how to improve it. The retailer really valued my feedback and when an opportunity became available they offered me a secondment. Every week I worked on supporting the development of the app. After a year and a half, I found myself supporting 6 apps – with a brand-new role as IT Incident Coordinator.  
That’s why I am a strong believer of; if you dream it, you can definitely do it. I never thought I would work in IT – and here I am, Harrods’ Problem & Incident Manager. My role involves keeping a track of our IT operational tasks, managing major incidents, and coordinating technical teams to get them sorted in a timely manner. Then making sure it doesn’t happen again.
I love working for Harrods, I feel proud to be part of our history and legacy. 

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