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Find Ways to Smile by Jay

Hello, my name is Jay, the VAT accountant at Harrods, I have worked here for 13 years, I’ve always been in this niche role, it requires a lot of VAT expertise and the last six months have been very busy. From Brexit to new retail legislation – I’ve never witnessed so much change in my 25 years of working in the industry.

Many may be pleased to read that I’ve not written this to talk about VAT. Instead, I’ve written this to remind everyone to keep finding ways to smile. I really enjoy writing, particularly comedy and humour but I’ve never ever had a chance in the world of tax to use it. Tax by virtue is not funny so trying to mix the two will always be a strange combination, like a fork and a power socket or my daughter and homework, I think you probably get the idea.

I’ve been working from home and really miss the interactions I used to have with my colleagues in the office. Looking back at the last nine months, I’ve written a piece about my highlights and experiences titled; 'How much I have enjoyed working from home'. Can you relate to any of the below? Drop a comment below, and let me know. 

How much I have enjoyed making a sandwich for my daughter at lunch-time… even when she said “Dad NO !!! and close my door!!!”

How much I have enjoyed greeting my wife at the front door as she comes home from her teaching job… with a hand sanitiser, Dettol spray and her favourite cup of coffee.

How much I have enjoyed receiving medical tips, website links on “The unknown health benefits of ginger”, and a home-made face-mask from my mum.

How much I have enjoyed seeing my hair grow to an unmanageable length, look in the mirror and think, oh I think I can do the ‘Brad Pitt’ look.

How much I have enjoyed being part of my neighbourhood Whatsapp group and trying so hard to figure out which one of the neighbours was trying to sell that three-legged coffee table.

How much I have enjoyed having spell-checker every time I want to write the word “unprecedented”.

How much I have enjoyed trying so hard not to forget to press “un-mute” on my Teams calls.

How much I have enjoyed trying to figure out what books people have on their bookshelves in the background on a Teams call.

How much I have enjoyed going into google images and looking at pictures of our store.

During these hard times, humour is so important. You have to hold onto it tight, in the same way, you might hold a young child’s hand crossing the road, or holding your iPhone near a toilet. I hope this put a smile on your face.

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