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From the shop floor to online

Our studio team create all of the product shots and descriptions for From fairytale ball gowns, food and fine jewellery to homewares, handbags and Harrods teddy bears, up to 3,000 products a week make their way through scheduling, styling, photography and copy to deliver the best possible experience for Harrods’ online customer base. We found out a little bit about the team. 

The Online Production team keeps everything running smoothly, scheduling the huge volumes of product that come through the studio for Styling, Photography and Copy. They act as a touchpoint for different areas of the business, from Buying to Social Media, prioritising workflow and productivity, while ensuring everything gets back to the shop floor as seamlessly as possible.  

The Online Styling team works with our amazing luxury products, bringing catwalk and shop floor pieces to life in a creative, inspirational and commercial way. Researching trends, brands and customer profiles, they pull together carefully considered outfits, collaborating with Photography to shoot and select the final shots for

The Online Photography team bring luxury products to life with beautiful lighting and a strong eye for detail. Working creatively yet efficiently, the team also supports media requests from across the business, bringing outstanding knowledge and expertise to the creative process. 


The Online Copy team provides each and every product with all of the information a customer needs to make an informed purchase, from measurements and materials to notes about the brand. Finding the USP in every product, the Copywriters are equally passionate about what makes the perfect teddy bear as they are about the fit of an elegant evening gown.  

We are proud to have been awarded