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In the Know with IT Grads: Auguste Zubaviciute

Hello everyone, my name is Auguste, I started with Harrods in September 2019 as an IT Graduate and completed three out of four rotations. I’m currently working in the Data Analytics department, after spending my first two months with the Data Engineering team and the remaining four with the Business Insight team.
I decided to pursue a career in IT. I felt there was space in the market for more females in the industry. I’ve always been interested in technology from a very young age and developed a ‘natural knack’ for it – as my teachers and peers used to say. 
A graduate scheme was something I was always encouraged to find out more about. Never in a million years did I think would be lucky enough to be accepted in one. I had no prior work experience. I had just graduated in MSc Big Data Science, at Queen Mary University of London.
When I was researching grad schemes, the Harrods role kept popping up on google. Initially, I was surprised to see Harrods advertise such a role – of course, everyone knows the brand, but IT isn’t the first department that comes to my mind. They had listed only two applicants who would be successful – so I thought my chances of success were very small. I wasn’t very confident at the time and put off applying. 
After words of encouragement from my partner, I applied, went into the assessment day with a ‘you’ve got nothing to lose' attitude, and gave it my best shot! After all, what did I have to lose?!
It was that attitude that helped me get the role. I accepted the role and decided to withdraw from all other applications.
I knew Harrods was the place for me, the people I met along the way reinforced this feeling. Knowing that I was just one out of two grads gave me confidence that I would get the right level of support and guidance.
The graduate scheme consists of six-month rotations within various teams in IT. My grad scheme began with the Service Management team (SMO), from which I moved onto Information Security (InfoSec) and then the DevOps team, also known as Application Development.
My time with the SMO team allowed me to support various projects within IT and provided insight into the daily operations of the roles. With InfoSec, I was given the freedom to organise and deploy a Cybereason Agent Upgrade on end-user machines across the business.
The DevOps rotation was particularly exciting, I had no prior knowledge or experience in programming, I was learning everything from scratch. With the ongoing support and guidance from the team, I finished the rotation building IT structures for many in-house sites; Food To Order, Bulk Ordering for Hampers, and Hair & Beauty.
I’m looking forward to working with the Business Insight team, I’m hoping to build my stats skills, it’s an area I am excited to develop.
To close, my favourite employee value is ‘We Take Pride’. I am super proud to represent Harrods as a graduate, and I strive to reflect this through the quality of my work. If you’re thinking of applying, my advice: go for it, what do you have to lose?! Chances are, you’re exactly what we’re looking for!
Good luck and all the best.

If you would like to find out about our IT Industrial Placement and Graduate Schemes click here. 

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