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In the Know with IT Grads: Charlotte Webster

Hi there, my name is Charlotte, I am an Application Developer at Harrods. I work on various projects, 
developing solutions based on the requirements of the project I am working on. This could vary from creating scripts, automating tasks, to building new web applications for internal teams.
My journey into IT is unique. After I finished my GCSEs back in 2012 I decided to go to art school to study Fashion and Textiles. While I really enjoyed it, quite early on I decided this wasn’t the career path for me. At the same time, all of my friends around me were heading off to university. I found myself in a predicament! Should I take up an offer for Fashion and Textiles at university, a career I wasn’t 100% about, or do I go back to college and do my A-Levels? 

Making this decision was really tough! I wasn’t in the right mindset to decide and ignored the problem until of course, it was too late.

I got an email from UCAS that all of my university offers were expiring as I hadn’t accepted any of them. I went from having five unconditional offers to absolutely nothing. Just the kick I needed to make a choice from the options I had left… 

Most of my hobbies are influenced by my parents. My mum is incredibly creative and is very talented at making anything handmade look as a professional has created it. My dad is a self-confessed tech geek, and our house is full of ‘Raspberry Pis’.It was like deciding which parent’s shoes I wanted to walk in. 

I decided to complete an HND (Higher National Diploma) at a local college, in computing. My dad always speaks so enthusiastically about technology, and I thought this would be a great way of combining my creativity with technology. 

With an HND you complete two years at college, and the final year at university, joining third-year students. This was the best decision I made, and after a lot of hard work and late nights in the library, I am so proud to share that I was awarded a first-class honours degree in Computing. 

Before I knew it, it was time to search for graduate schemes, I found the search quite difficult. I wanted to find a role where I could continue to use my creative skillset and build my technical knowledge at the same time. 
I decided to apply for the Harrods graduate scheme because it stood out as the most diverse. I knew Harrods because of their heritage, and from researching the company I found more information regarding their corporate strategy which really appealed to me. The partnership with the NSPCC is particularly admirable.

Good luck to anyone applying.

If you would like to find out about our IT Industrial Placement and Graduate Schemes click here. 

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