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Keeping connected by Jenna

Hi, I’m Jenna, Head of Resourcing at Harrods. We are all experiencing history in the making right now, and facing new challenges from working remotely, changing our day-to-day behaviours to ensure our collective health and wellbeing.  Here are a few tips to remain engaged and positive as the world embraces new ways of working.
Going virtual
Create a team WhatsApp group or virtual online group to allow ongoing communication and support outside the office. Get as many people on board and keep talking.
The new office
For those working from home, set up a home office. Try to find a space that’s comfortable, ideally at a desk or a table with a high-backed chair to ensure your posture remains well.
Routine is King
To combat the distractions of working from home, schedule your day so you have a routine. Break your day into hourly blocks and stick to your routine. However, also make sure you take regular breaks: stop for lunch away from a screen, grab a cup of tea, take a walk outside for some fresh air. You may not be able to have a chat with your desk neighbour, but you can have virtual chats!
The time is now
How many times have we said we would love to focus on something that our day job has prohibited us from doing? Think about using time for, exciting and new projects or hobbies that may have slipped under the rug.
Share the love
At times like this, some team members may be at home alone, it’s important to make sure they feel like they have a team around them. So, after work has finished consider other ways to help them through this time, such as setting up book clubs, after-work quiz evenings, Netflix box-set reviews or even playing card games virtually.
We are all navigating this un-chartered territory, but we are one, and the world will get through this together, let’s embrace new ways of working.
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