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Keeping our history alive

I have worked at Harrods for 19 years as a Historic Vehicle Specialist. I started my career in the motor trade at the age of 15. When I turned 65, I was still really eager to work. Once I heard about the opportunity to take care of the historic vehicles at Harrods I jumped at the chance.
My role at Harrods is to clean, drive and repair our vintage vehicles. I take the vehicles out a couple of times a week along Sloane Street, Kings Road and Brompton Road. I feel like a celebrity – people always have their phones out taking pictures of the vehicles. The vehicles are a huge part of our heritage and it’s my pleasure to take care of them. It’s so important they are taken care of. That’s why I created a manual on how to drive each one, logging repairs and services. 
For me, my role is a paid hobby, I absolutely love it. It’s funny because when I attended our long service awards there was a delightful colleague who was 85 and still working at Harrods. I thought to myself, 85 and still working; impossible. And here I am at the age of 84 still working at Harrods – only a year to go.

We are proud to have been awarded