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Like Father, like Son

Father, Jasko and son, Andrej are both Uniformed Security Officers at Harrods. This is their story. 

Jasko said, “I have always wanted to work somewhere that is special – and to me, Harrods is that place. It’s an iconic, trusted brand and I feel like I am at home. When I started working here three years ago I knew I wanted Andrej to join – there’s no other place I would want him to work.”

Andrej said, “My dad has always been my guide growing up – we’re a close family. It’s really nice to have a guiding hand at work, and when that is from your dad it’s even more special. It’s funny because we’re stepping into a family environment, bringing our family to come and work with us.”

Not only do we work together, we are also karate instructors and have completed in lots of championships together. We have had the privilege of representing the United Kingdom in the Australian World Cup for karate – we’ve won a few trophies along the way. It’s a pleasure to share these memories together. 

We are proud to have been awarded