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Living our values by Laura Brown

We're nearly one year into our employee values. We caught up with our Retail Director, Laura Brown to find out what our employee values mean to her and how the retail team are living them.
My mum always taught me to treat others the way I’d like to be treated, which, for me, is a key part of We are Human. We are Human is about being thoughtful, considerate and caring, and looking out for others who may be having a tough time or a bad day, and need some support. It is also about being responsible – for myself and the contribution I make, for my words and how I use them
to speak up, and for my actions and how they impact on others. I think being human is also, importantly, about making mistakes, admitting my mistakes, and learning from them.
It’s about being aware of my imperfections and trying to be better every day.
Trust is something I consider to be critically important. It’s the foundation of human relationships – or at least successful ones. As a leader, I work hard to develop a strong bond of trust between myself and my team. I try to be always available if they need me. They can ask me any question and I will be honest and open with them. I also try hard to be transparent and inclusive, and I hope that others do the same. Building trust with our customers is just as important, and we should never forget that when trust is broken it’s virtually impossible to regain it. We continue to provide the impeccable service, expertise and care that’s made us a trusted retailer for almost 180 years.
I have always been a competitive person and I love to compete, win, improve and challenge myself. I’m quite tough on myself when I feel I haven’t done well enough but it spurs me on to do better next time. I have to be careful to strike the right balance on this with my team and ensure that I recognise their efforts, progress and achievements while also coaching and challenging them to do better. I know I can be quite intolerant of those who don’t make the effort to exceed, and I strongly believe that it’s better to aim high and miss than to aim low and hit!
Some people simply don’t know how good they can be, and I love helping them realise their potential and exceed even their own expectations.
I feel so proud to be a part of this business and this team. My sense of pride drives how much I care about it, and I take inspiration from others who share this value. I think pride comes from having a strong sense of self-respect and being proud of everything we do. Collectively, this shared sense of pride is what has made Harrods great and continues to keep us at the pinnacle of luxury and service. I am incredibly proud of my team and their achievements.
I love being part of our amazing Harrods team and get a lot of my energy from working with others. The only way I can achieve my goals and objectives is through my team, so a
huge amount of my time and effort is spent on coaching, guiding, challenging, developing and inspiring them to be the greatest team possible. We like to use sporting analogies in retail and have been inspired by the success of the All Blacks, the most successful team in sporting history. Like them, we have defined ourselves as a values-led, purpose-driven team and believe that better people
make better Harrodians. We have an amazingly diverse team and I firmly believe in the commitment of Uniquely You, Together Harrods.
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