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Living our values by Markus

We caught up with our Executive Head Pastry Chef, Markus to find out his take on our employee values. 

Nothing fills me with more pride than taking the next generation of pastry chefs, helping to shape their future and seeing their success. As a brand, we encourage pride in delivering excellence. I walk through the Food Halls in the morning with the team and reflect on how far we have come. This would’ve been impossible without every member of the team taking pride in what they do.
I am fond of saying that we are here by choice and our choices define us. Being part of something larger than oneself and able to contribute to something no single individual could accomplish is very special to me. Our team pursues its goals with a vigour that is an inspiration to an entire industry, and we do so while living and breathing the same values. This is the reason we are so successful.
I’ve always been a great believer in mottos or quotes that have a meaning to me, and no other is more meaningful than the Golden Rule. For me, the principle of treating others as you want to be treated yourself truly symbolises the value of reciprocity.
I live to strive to exceed. For myself, my team, our product. I believe that nothing we do today should ever make us exempt from trying to do better tomorrow. If you do as you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. It is very rewarding to have worked here for more than a decade and shaped not only the products we offer but also the strategy for the future, and to see it bearing the sweet fruits of success.
All relationships – regardless of whether they’re personal, professional, spiritual or commercial – are so special when founded on trust.

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