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My dream came true

I’m Charles-Henry, I joined Harrods three and a half years ago as an Assistant Manager for our Luxury Accessories Department; six months in I was promoted to Sales Manager. This is my story.
It has always been my dream to live and work in the United Kingdom. I started off in Manchester working for a global British brand but my heart really wanted to be in London. When an opportunity to join Harrods came up, I jumped at a chance to be part of a quintessentially British yet diverse brand.
Although working for a department store and being accountable for a large team over many brands was a new challenge for me, I joined with the aim to inspire others to work in synergy with the common goal of delivering exceptional customer service and results. My role as Sales Manager has let me do that, with creativity, and always with excitement about the day ahead. The feeling of fulfilment and purpose is what I live for.
I recently had the privilege to attend the Oxford Summer School for retail. It was an amazing experience where you go through intense learning, personal development and conflicting emotions in a short period of time. It helped me put in perspective the meanings and importance of inclusive leadership, emotional intelligence and well-being, as well as profitability. There, among the variety of retailers present, I had never been so proud of being part of Harrods.
My favourite memory has to be being nominated three times, in three years and by three different teams, for our Harrods Awards for Excellence. The latter was for ‘Leading the Way’, and although I did not win, my team presented me with my nomination and gave me a book of testimonials of how I have impacted every one of them. My team truly inspires me.
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