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Our Corporate Responsibility Programme

Niall, Head of Employee Experience, talks CR programme and China Trek

Tell us about Harrods's Corporate Responsibility programme known as  "Green and Gold" programme.

Green & Gold is our Corporate Responsibility programme, in essence, what makes Harrods a good business for our employees, customers, community and the planet.
As a luxury retail business, an iconic British brand and the world's most famous luxury department store, we understand that our stakeholders expect us to conduct business in a responsible, transparent and ethical manner.
Our Green & Gold programme has much to be proud of, especially our support and impact on the local community. This includes achievements such as the recent £1million donation in aid of the Grenfell Tower victims, our long-term work with the NSPCC (whereby employees have raised in excess £320,000 so far) and our local community work with the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation which we support through many team and skills-sharing volunteering opportunities.

What are the 4 pillars?

Our 4 CR Pillars represent the key areas that we focus our CR efforts on  - Workplace for our employees, Marketplace for our products and services, Environment for our planet, and Community for the people in our local communities.

  1. Workplace is what makes us a good business for our most valuable assets, our people. Our workplace activity includes looking after employee wellbeing, providing career and skills development, and ensuring we offer employees the best possible workplace environment. All of this on top of our strong commitment to equality, diversity and engaging employee communications.
    Marketplace is all about our business ethics, from the way we source our products to the way we operate on a day-to-day basis. This year, we are focusing on ensuring that no product traded in our store is sourced in a way that is not in line with our ethical values and standards.
  2. Therefore, as well as ensuring that our own brand products (for example Harrods Signature, Harrods of London) are ethically sourced and traded, we also focus on working closely with all of our partners and brands to ensure they share our values and adhere to our standards, as outlined in our Code of Conduct and our Modern Slavery Act Response. (please include links as in current pages).
  3. Our Environment pillar is all about our planet. It is about what we do as a business to reduce our use of natural resources (such as energy and water) and to produce less waste, while in the long term looking into minimising the environmental footprint of our products – in areas such as product packaging for example.
  4. Our Community pillar is all about our social purpose, the good causes we support as a business. Either through fundraising for charity, volunteering in our communities and hosting events and challenges, Harrods is committed to supporting our charity partners, which are currently the NPSCC and the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation.

Why is Corporate Responsibility so important for the business?

Corporate responsibility has many benefits for the business - from building our employer brand to mitigating key business risks and from building Harrods’ brand to customers to financial and compliance benefits.
For example, ensuring that our products are ethically sourced safeguards our brand’s reputation, while our environmental practice has a direct impact on costs and operational efficiency.
Moreover, making our opportunities available to all talented and motivated individuals, regardless of their ethnic, social, religious or sexual orientation and ensuring that all employees are free to be themselves in the workplace makes Harrods an attractive place to work and reach your full potential.

Why do you think being a CR Manager at Harrods is an exciting role?

There are many rewarding moments - apart of course from leading one of the most loved global brands’ CR practice!
From working with colleagues to make a difference in society can give you a fantastic sense of purpose and fulfilment. This could be all the way from planning on a skills-based volunteering opportunity with the HR Team to physically participating in a charity challenge in aid of the NSPCC, just as I did last year by trekking the Great Wall of China!

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