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Our man in the Food Halls

We caught up with our Senior Head Chef Garrett to find out more about our bustling new Dining Hall.

What inspired you when working on the menu development for each of the restaurants? 

The heritage of Harrods played a key part. The Dining Hall is a massive part of our history of Harrods. It’s the beating heart of the store. Features such as the original chimney going through the building play an important part of the aesthetic. Then there are the original hooks used to hang the meat over the fire pit to cook for customers – The Grill will once again be hanging up meats to take inspiration from this. This will add to the atmosphere of seeing our chefs cook. 

Seeing as our in-house chefs will be cooking and creating in front of the guests, did you specifically create dishes that would add to the retail theatre of entertaining?
Yes, all cooking is a form of theatre. From the smells to the noises, cooking uses all the senses to a certain degree. For example, The Grill will feature a massive fire grill. This will give a smoky aroma, and it will be accompanied by the sound of sizzling steaks. The Dining Hall will also feature rotisserie cooking, giving a visual display – as well as a tempting aroma – to our customers. The Fish Bar has taken inspiration from the fish counter already in the Fresh Market Hall with a selection of fresh products on display. Then at The Pasta Bar, fresh pasta – from tagliatelle to ravioli – it will be created from scratch in front of our guests.

We have been a pioneer in food retail since 1834, how did you decide which suppliers to source the ingredients from for the restaurants?
We took inspiration straight from the Fresh Market Hall. As a chef, going into our Food Halls is like Christmas for me. To walk into an area with all the best foods from around the world is all the inspiration that we needed. It is,
of course, thanks to our food buying team, who work around the clock to ensure that we chefs and the customers have the very best ingredients and seasonal produce with a great story and heritage behind them. Thanks team. 

What do you like to cook when you’re at home?
I cook pretty much everything at home, but at the moment I’m cooking a lot of Middle Eastern food. I just love the flavours; you’ve got all the spices, the chilli and then the sweeter flavours like the fruit.

And your guilty pleasure?
Chocolate, definitely.

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