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Magic can truly be found within the store on the Fourth Floor with our Harry Potter themed Wizarding World. We caught up with our Divisional Merchandising Manager (DMM) for Technology and Toys, Kate to find out how the team brought the space to life.
Tell us a little bit about you and your role?
I joined our Harrods family four years ago as a Buyer in Homeware for Bed, Bath and Luxury Linens. November last year I was promoted to DMM. In short, my role is to manage all of the supply case for our technology and toys department.
How did you come up with the concept of the Harry Potter Wizarding World?
It was easy. Who doesn’t love Harry Potter?! When walking through the store there is one long walk-way from our Toy department to the Harrods Tea rooms and we thought that is the greatest spot for Diagon Alley.
How did you bring it to life?
It happened very quickly. We spoke about it in June and brought it to life in October. We approached Warner Bros with the concept to help identify what we could do with the space. Then we reached out to the different brands about the products we can showcase. Everyone played an important part. From our Technical Services team who got the space hoarded very quickly through to our Visual Merchandising team who came up with creative solutions to bring the magic to life. And many more departments!
What did it feel like when the space opened?

Listening to the team’s retail brief on the day of opening was a very proud moment. Everyone was so excited and really got behind the opening. Some of our Sales Associates purchased Harry Potter lanyards. It was incredible to see the space-filling up straight away. There were lots of families who visited it over the weekend - it was an exciting project to work on.
Any final words
The project couldn’t have been brought to life without all the collaboration. Particularly, from our teammate Grace – who has only been in her new role for two months when the project came to life. She hit the ground running with it.
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