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Our store is our stage

Hi, I’m Joao, an Assistant Manager here at Harrods. I’ve been with the company for almost two years. I remember the first time I visited the store and thought wow this is where I want to be working.
The customer service blew me away. The sales associate took the time to get to know me, listened to my story and we really connected. I’ve never quite experienced customer service like it. 
At Harrods, we are all brought together by one common aim, and that is delivering The Art of the Possible through our values. There is no scheme too big, no ambition too bold, we can make anything happen.
When I put on my golden name badge, I feel proud to be representing our brand and am ready to start my day.
Our store is our stage, every day we are ready to perform, to provide the best possible service we can; to meet the aspirations of our customers. At 10 am once those doors open it is showtime and we are ready.
One of my favourite memories so far has to be attending our Harrods Awards for Excellence. I was there to support a colleague who had been nominated. The energy in the room was remarkable, everyone felt proud to be there. It’s an unforgettable experience.

We are proud to have been awarded