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Straight out of School: Harry

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey at Harrods?  
My name is Harry, I joined Harrods in September 2018 and began my first placement on the School Leaver Programme in Furniture. This was an amazing department to start as it taught me about the importance of building relationships with our customers and personalising their experience at Harrods. 

It was an area of retail I had never experienced. My second placement was in our Gift Shop, this department was very different from Furniture as it is a very fast-paced environment with different customers. Working in the Gift Shop empowered me to learn about the operational side of Harrods and understand the magic that happens behind the scenes. My final/ current placement is in our Men’s Outdoor department, whereby I am the Barbour Brand Specialist. This role involves ensuring the brand is hitting its sales targets, making sure our stock is available and producing weekly trade reports to update and report back to the brand. 

Tell us a little bit about the programme?
The School Leaver programme is an 18-month program, split into 3 sets of 6 months. It can involve working in any department, ranging from Fashion to Furniture. The program allows you to work with a range of our exceptional retail experts and provides you with an in-depth insight into the world of retail. The program also includes going to the Fashion Retail Academy college part-time to gain a level 3 qualification as a Retail Team Leader. 

How did you know the School Leaver Programme was for you? 
The School Leaver programme is a great way to kick start your career and where better than the best department store in the world. The support you receive is like no other, it’s a great place to learn and develop both technical and soft skills. I knew the School Leaver Programme was for from my very first day. After meeting the team I quickly realised how supportive everyone is I knew it was somewhere I wanted to stay. 

What has been your favourite memory so far?
As part of the programme, you meet with the School Leaver group every month. One month we went on a group trip to our distribution centre to Thatcham. It really opened my eyes to what happens behind the scenes and allowed me to understand the full process our products go through. It was fascinating. 

Why would you recommend the School Leaver Programme? 
The Harrods School Leaver Programme stood out to me above any others because I was really excited by the opportunity to work at one of the world’s most famous store. Although the store is so big, there is such a sense of community. Everyone you meet and work with is so supportive, from General Sales Managers to your direct managers, everyone has your best interest at heart. I thoroughly recommend joining our programme. 

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