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The diary of a Personal Assistant

  We managed to get a meeting into our fabulous Personal Assistant Stephanie’s diary. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a PA at Harrods. This is worth a read. 

Tell us about your time at Harrods?
I’ve been at Harrods for nearly four years now, I started as a Retail Support Assistant (prominently reporting on retail sales and service, to communicating key messages to the retail teams and everything in between). This was a great opportunity, it gave me lots of exposure in the business, helping me to secure my role as a PA. 

What are the skills you need to excel as a PA?
- You have to be organised! Plan, plan and plan ahead. It’s never too early to start planning. 
- Flexible. Not everything will go to plan and that’s okay – it’s all part of the journey.
- Great communicator – you have to be able to build relationships, it’s all about collaboration and teamwork. 
- Being warm and curious with people. I get to know everyone and like to think they trust me.  

Tell us more about your role?
My role is more than just diary management. I get to work on really cool events which reward our employees such as, the Knightsbridge Club event (an exclusive surprise experience evening for our employees who have demonstrated exceptional customer service). I help plan what the day will look like, what the guests will receive and manage the budget. I am also on our Harrods Awards for Excellence panel (an annual event to congratulate and honour our amazing people), selecting the winners for those who best embody our ethos: excellence in all we do. It’s great to see our people rewarded for the magic they create.
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