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Have you ever wondered how we bring the Harrods Beauty Advent Calendar to life? We caught up with our Beauty experts, Lilly and Ama to find out.  

Tell us a little bit about your roles:
Lilly: I joined our Harrods family three years ago as a Buyer's Clerk for our Airports team. 18 months ago, I joined our lovely Beauty Buying team as a Senior Buyer's Clerk for Fragrance. 
Ama: I also joined three years ago and started as a Assistant Beauty Merchandiser. I then moved across to work in the Buying department as Assistant Buyer for Beauty online, and in December I transitioned into my role as Assistant Buyer for Skincare. 

So, the Harrods Beauty Advent Calendar where do you start with the project?
It all begins in January, first things first we differentiate what kind of products we want to include. How can we make it better than last year, can we bring in more product categories? What are the new launches and current trends that we know our customers will love. We also take account of the technical measures, making sure the beautiful products will fit into the doors. 

Once we have a list of products we would like to include, we shortlist them and begin reaching out to the brands to see how many units we can bring in. Last year our calendar sold out within two weeks so this year we doubled our quantities, to ensure more customers get a chance to purchase it. 

What’s your favourite part of working on the project?
Ama: It has to be the cross-collaboration. Everyone comes together to bring it to life. We work so closely with our creative team, our distribution team in Thatcham, our marketing team and more. Over the year we create so many partnerships team with people we don’t always interact with for our day to day roles – it’s great to build new relationships. 
Lilly: I love that we get involved in what the calendar will look like from a creative perspective. From choosing ribbon options, foils for the numbers and even choosing from three different shades of gold, being able to have an input in the aesthetics is exciting. I love the creativity. 

What does it feel like launching the product? 
It’s a little like our baby. Seeing it come to life and seeing it on the shelf is a proud moment. When we see it on TV, Social Media and bloggers talking about it’s such a fulfilling feeling to reflect and think we put that together. Definitely on the career bucket list. 

Tell us something intriguing about you:  
Ama: I speak fluent French and have lived in France for three years. 
Lilly: When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut – I’m still obsessed about space.  
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