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We support each other

Charity and Nadia have worked together at our Thatcham site for four years. We caught up with them to find out about their time at Harrods and friendship. 
Having a best friend at work means it’s going to be a good day no matter what. Whenever we’re together there is always laughter and that isn’t limited to the two of us, it’s contagious, the energy is felt and spread to our whole team. We help one another become the best we can be through knowledge sharing and supporting each other both professionally and personally. 
One of our favourite memories at Harrods has to be featuring in the Thatcham local newspaper for raising money for a cause important to Charity. We were supported by our whole team, we organised events; cake sales, a car boot sale and a reggae night. Then decided to go the extra mile by taking on a 12-mile-long Tough Mudder challenge and collectively managed to raise over £6,000. For Charity, it lifted her spirits and was something different to focus on – for the rest of the team it really brought us together and reinforced the importance of friendships at work. 
Since then we have participated in lots of fundraising activities, Santa fun runs, Colour Runs, hot Balloon festivals and so much more 
Being part of a family environment is a special feeling sharing that with a best friend you have made for life is priceless. 

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